Saturday, February 23, 2008


I got tagged and I only found out what blog tagging few weeks ago, so imagine my surprise when I realized that Anne from A Foodie Froggy in Paris tagged me today. This is the first time I have been tagged!

Six things, you do not know about me and I want to share with you today ( little habits, routines and little secrets...not very important)
1.My handwriting is terrible, sometime I can't read my own script. I lost valuable minutes trying to decode it, it was terrible when I was a student.
2. Every morning I love having a different breakfast, one day :fruits, other day pancakes, bagels, doughnuts, toasted bread...
3. For 2 years when I was living in NYC I stopped eating meats and everything related to that.
4. As soon as I arrive at home I take off my shoes and wash my hands.
5. I keep everything. I do not throw things away. I have boxes and boxes of little things I will keep forever: matches boxes, business cards from restaurants or boutiques, little notes, letters, postcards, recipes...plenty of souvenirs.
6. I love unusual perfumes and fragance. I do not want to wear what everybodyelse is wearing.
I had one for every important period of my life. My first fragance was offered by my husband: Courreges in Blue... long time ago...I am not going to tell the name of the one I put on lately

Rules: Mention the Blog's name that tagged you, add the rules on your Blog, write the 6 things/ habits non-important about yourself, tagg 6 people adding their Blogs Links and inform the person you tagged .

Here is the list of the ones I would like to know 6 things about: Cake in the City
Tartin & Chocolat,


confituremaison said...

Bonjour Celine, tu es une collectionneuse de souvenirs? Moi aussi ;-)Beaucoup d'autres points en commun (j'ai lu tous tes posts precedents avec bcp d'interet, merci!). J'essaie de jouer tres vite! Bon dimanche.

Stephanie (Philadelphie) said...

Merci pour le tag !!
Je me retrouve dans tes points 1, 2, 4 et 6...
Gros bisous et tres bonne semaine !