Friday, February 15, 2008

Jour Blanc

The montains surrounding Temecula Wine Country Valley are all white. The weather was very warm for the last days ( in the 80's) and on Saint Valentine's Day, in a short period of time it was windy and chilly. Of course no comparaison with my friends who live East Coast New York City, but the change was quite abrupt.
The result is that we have beautiful white mountains and this is lovely.
Yesterday I baked some Orange Glazed Pound individual cakes and it ended up in a pure disaster :my cakes collapsed(!) in the center - I don’t mind a cake with a crater in the middle; but even the taste was not good I guess I did not mix well and enough the baking powder. Since my recipe was in French using French Alsa Baking Powder I am wondering what went wrong. The only good things was the smell in the kitchen.
No pictures today of my baking but a georgous White Hyacinth in my kitchen.

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