Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One of my 1000 salads

My close friends and family know that I love creating healthy and unique salads.
Salads are healthy, colorful, easy and quick to prepare. The possibilities are endless.
You can mix some warm goat cheese, or a soft egg, bacon, fruits, cheese...
Some are perfect during hot Summer (fresh picked tomatoes with basil, and olive oil are divine)but in Winter some pears, endives leaves and Blue cheese can be delicious. To tell you the truth the best ones are often when my pantry or fridge are almost empty. Yesterday after reading Pascale last post from her famous Blog " C'est moi qui l'ai fait!" I watched her doing her special Sunday Salad through the video available on her Blog I was craving for some salad.
I opened my fridge. Fresh green salad,fresh grapes,Shepperd Sheep cheese ( from TJ's), bacon. In my pantry, I had some pine nuts and all sort of vinegars. I opted for the Figs Balsamic Vinegar,some fleur de sel, grounded pepper and olive oil. The dish was quite refreshing and satisfying. Perfect for a quick supper.

Having my own food blog, I am learning how this is a big commitment. I envy all " Mr/Mrs BIG food Blogger)their pictures are always amazing, the perfect angle, the perfect lay out, the best dish and spoon, the comments unique, as if they have a very well organized and easy life.
I enjoy spending more and more time on my own blog. I am learning how to shoot food pictures, I try to be creative but this is a hard work.
I am glad I came across some amazing people through their blog and I will share with you their amazing blogs, the ones I can't wait to see and savour every day!

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