Sunday, February 24, 2008

Green Day

Another rainy day today in Southern California. Yesterday instead of visiting our Farmers Market I decided to visit our Albertsons
This supermarket is huge and proposes now a wide variety of items. Now they are Green!
I bought some Organic Pears and Mangos. I even noticed that their packages are green too! This is a good thing because most of my Neighbors are going to Albertsons instead of our local farmer market. I really hope they are going to buy Organic ingredients.
Buying Organic is great, but I suggest you to become green in your house too: use cleaning products Green too ( Phosphate-free, Chlorine-Free, no dyes and Biodegradable. And of course their packages can be recycled!
Natural cleaning is also great: got some lemon? got some Baking Soda, got White Vinegar? Great !use them as much as you can and please do not use disposal Whipes to clean up your mess they are the worst filled with hard and harsh ingredients. Buy some use Biodegradable ones.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you enjoyed it and I would love for you to visit again soon.

I love this post about being "green." I am trying myself to do the same thing. Please tell me more how to use lemons for cleaning....