Friday, January 2, 2009


Best of 2008

Tout d'abord, let me offer you my sincere wishes for a Delicious New Year: may you and yours be healthy, wealthy, safe, happy, and well fed throughout thw new Year 2009

I'd like also to take a moment to say Bye- Bye to 2008, and reflect on the good things it has brought.

Beside the concretization of hands-on Cooking Classes with the Murrieta Community Center, beside some great Private Cooking Parties I conducted in different spots in Southern California, beside my Blog writing consistency, displayed Recipes and columns in local magazines, my soon Website launched, a great trip to SF with our best friends, my comeback to Yoga with Sophie’s Classes, my kids now at school for few hours per day, and finding old friends via Facebook, here below, in no particular order, a list of things that have marked my year:

Favorite new recipe: Pate a choux, for Chouquettes, Choux a la Crème, Gougeres.. Mes Chouquettes

Favorite beautiful French food Blogs : Chez Garance - B comme Bon

Favorite Greenest new habits: using reusable shopping bags, using Lemon/ Vinegar/ Baking Soda to clean everything in my home, getting rid of Plastic Containers, keeping all glass jar to keep and organize things in and around the kitchen.

Favorite new dip : Spinach Artichoke Dip From Trader Joe’s

Most inspiring Food Blog exchange: Laurie, Elra and Flo Dalla Mia Cucina, Elra’s Baking , Bretzel et Cafe Creme

Favorite non food-related reads: Betina at Chez Larsson

Favorite new toy: KitchenAid Stand mixer 5 QT

Favorite new hobby Book
: Simple Sewing by Lotta

Favorite restaurant: Chez Panisse

share your own best of 2008 list? The comment section is all yours!


Dewi said...

Oh (blush) you mentioned me on your post. Most kind Celine, thank you! Likewise, I found yours is inspiring as well.

And our highlight of year 2008 was a trip to Bali, and for the first time in my husband and my son's life saw the real Balinese cremation (of one of my grandmother's cousin) that was happening during our vacation to visit my family there.

Can't wait to take a peek of your new website, when is it going to be launched?


Amy said...

Hi -- thank you so much for your lovely blog. I'm new to the area, and I'd love more information about your cooking classes, and also I'm looking for a good yoga class and noticed your mention of Sophie. Is she local? Best, Amy

Anonymous said...

Meilleurs voeux pour 2009 !
Joie, Santé, Chance, réussite ... et Gourmandises !

Bisous : )

Anonymous said...

Celine, i just found your blog via Elle's New England Kitchen. Is this a photo of the mignardise that you made? I was so excited to see you even mention the word. Mignardise is the name of my blog. I hope you'll take a look!