Monday, January 5, 2009

Delicacy for Royalty

Last week at the local Temecula Farmer's Market I stopped at the " Dates" booth. The dates displayed looked so good, I had to get some.
Once I arrived at home I could not resist eating one. It was out of this world, sweet, smooth,creamy almost like honey. I had,1 and 2 and 3. Then I stopped I wanted to show you these beauties.

Originally from Morocco, the Medjool Date was reserved for royal hosts and other dignitaries. Centuries later, in the 1920's, disease threatened the existence of the Medjool Date in Morocco. In a radical move to save the Medjool, the Chariff of Morocco gave the United States, 11 immature palms to replant

Dates may be the oldest tree crop cultivated by man. More that 5,000 years ago this valuable food plant helped sustain desert peoples and nomadic wanderers of the Middle East and North Africa. Dates were also considered a delicacy and served by royalty. Dates were introduced in California in the 18th century by Spanish missionaries. At times, dates are referred to as the "candy that grows on trees."

'Medjool'—formerly exported from Morocco; 11 off-shoots imported into California from Bou Denib oases in French Morocco in 1927; is now marketed as a deluxe date in California; is large, soft, and luscious .

This is a real treat, eating those dates almost from the trees is fantastic. What makes me sad is that only few people know how we have great stuff in Southern California, they do not know how to appreciate it... dates are good for your body rich in vitamins and calories a handful is equivalent to an entire meal. it provide energy and they are easy to take with you everywhere!
Stop eating processed snacks you have the best handy almost in your gardenyard.


Dewi said...

My husband and I are both love dates, so does his whole family. I remember when we visited his mom in Jerusalem, she made us chicken curry with dates. I was pretty skeptical about it, she convinced me it was unlike any other curry. Hmmm, I think she was right. It was delicious and sweet.

Dewi said...

Hi Celine,
my respond for fresh yeast.
I am not sure wether you have "Safeway" in your area.I think WholeFood might have it too. I always get mine from this store, they are normally in the same place where the butter are. Just ask they people who work there, I am very sure they have it. It's normally hidden in the back. they only carry one brand "Fleischmann's". I always use fresh yeast for my bread, because it give totally different taste, not too yeasty. Good luck.