Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Healthy Snack from Spain

Galettes croquantes et craquantes

Long time ago I saw an article in a French Magazine Elle or Marie Claire I do not remember about some " Galettes a l'huile d'olive" and the article was raving about these tryly delicious snack, at this time it was available in a single shop in Paris, but I was living in NYC.
Last week while strolling at Henry's Market in Temecula, completly by chance I saw packs of "Tortas de aceite" from Spain made with Olive Oil. It reminds me the "galettes" I rad about years ago. I bought one pack and brought it back home. I had the first Galetta with some tea. It was light, crispy, delicious. I am keeping the parchment paper they use to wrap up each galetta, I can use use for my baking or to keep some homemade cookies fresh.
Now everytime I go to Henry's Market I get more galettas, I can't help it!
The ingredients are really natural, this is a no processed food perfect for a morning coffee, afternoon tea, late snack...
I am sure that Laurie from
Dalla Mia Cucina will love that!

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Dewi said...

Looks delicious Celine.

I also want to drop Just a quick note to wish you a happy new year. I wish you and your love one always in a good health, lot's of luck and all beautiful things come in year 2009.
Best wishes,