Friday, December 26, 2008

Californian Christmas with a French Twist

I love Christmas holidays: All the anticipation, the expectation, the cookies, the chocolate, the Christmas tree trimming, the lights decoration, the chestnut Stuffed Turkey, the Yug Log ( Buche de Noel), the gifts and my kids’ smile in front of all their presents..
This year we had some cold-cool days before Christmas, so it was nice having some real wooden logs burning in the fireplace, hot cocoa and waqtching some old French Movies.
For Christmas' Eve we had a small dinner over our home. Nathalie and Jean Marie and their daughter Lili joined us. It was a nice, quiet, and very fun evening as usual when we are spend time with them since we are from the same hometown in France we have so many things and memories in common.
I wanted to cook a Traditional French Christmas Dinner for 4. The kids ate before us a simple but delicious Cheese omelet with French beans.

For the Aperitif, we drank some French Champagne I had some Kir Royal (Champagne with blueberries liquor). With this I served some Goat cheese crostinis ( goat cheese spread on fresh bread, with sea salt, thyme and olive oil, broiled in the oven for 6 minutes. Then we had some Mini Quiches from TJ's.

Christmas ' 08 menu

- Watercress soup served with Crème Fraiche
- Free Range Turkey stuffed with Chestnuts, sausage, liver, herbs and cognac.
- French beans with toasted almonds
- Gratin Dauphinois ( actually it stayed in the oven I forgot to serve it)
- Chestnut cooked in the Turkey gravy
- Belgian Endive salad with Roquefort and walnuts
- French cheeses assortments
- 2 Yog Lugs or Buches de Noel. One with berries and Litchis and the other one with Chestnut and crème de marron a la Vanille .
- Coffee served with homemade Mignardises ( Mendiants, Orangettes and Chocolate Croquants)

Verdict: It was a good meal. Not too heavy. We drank also some delicious Californian and French WinesIt was a wonderful prelude for a long Christmas Day with kids at home in our pajamas!


Dewi said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Celine!
We have a cold and windy christmas too here in SF Bay area. So you are right that, it felt like real christmas.
Glad you had wonderful christmas, and the menu sounds very festive too.

Anonymous said...

The festive season

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A love affair with traditional French cheeses