Monday, September 22, 2008

Pink Ice cream for Autumn Day

On my Calendar there is a note saying : Fall Begins! Oh No already! Summer 08' went so fast. Time is flying.Right. Kids are back to school. I have done some Catering in Torrance. My Cooking Classes will start with Murrieta Park and recreation on October 2 at the Murrieta Seniors Center. I have a Cooking Party with Living Valley Editors coming up and my last ad with my new logo will be displayed in the October Living Valley magazine...
I am looking 10 times at my Calendar.. so many things to do and to organize.
But hey I had some time to make a delicious Ice Cream with all fruits I could find: pineaples, grapes, strawberries. I blent the Strawberries with sugar and Yogurt. Then pour the other fruits cut in small pieces. On the top I add some white tiny small meringues find at Trader Joe's.
The Ice cream/ Frozen yogurt was delicious veru fruity and velvety!

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Laurie said...

Wow!! I always think I'm busy.. but you too! :)
This ice cream looks very yummy, and I love the incorporation of all those fruits!
Celine, you have to tell me more about your classes, I think I'm too shy to promote myself so maybe you can nudge me a bit!