Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simply Rasberries jam

Last week end we went to Oak Glen, CA located in Yucaipa/ Beaumont area. From Temecula you need about 45 minutes to reach this lovely , bucolic place. In the hills, Applesgrowners associated together to make a " Touristic" place. Of course you find the most of American fair stuffs but also you can pick up your own fruits.
Last week we were lucky to grap the last Rasberries. Our kids loved it. You buy litte square basquets and you fill them with Rasberries you find in the cultivated bushes.
You have tons of differents apples and pears trees. All different sorts and names, colors.... All families, children visiting this place were smiling everybody had a good time. Quality time for everybody. You breath fresh air. You drink fresh Apple cider, grap one apple from a tree... We had great time!
Some rasberries left from last week so I decided to make some little jam.

Add some water and a lot of sugar to your rasberries. Cook for 15 minutes. ready.
It was yummy on my bread this morning.

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Laurie said...

I love Oak Glenn Celine.. It's one of my favorite spots and I have been going almost yearly for over 15 years.
But I have never picked raspberries there.. how cool! I'm so glad you posted this and your jam is yummy looking! I would love you to teach me to make preserves!! :) Ciao and hugs to you!