Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost empty fridge

The weather is still warm in Southern California, but yesterday night I was craving for a Autumn/ Fall meal. I made some Organic carrots with herbs. Because I always have Smoked Salmon in my fridge, I thought it will be nice to have some "pink " fish ( I like this name given by my 4 years old daughter... at this age everything has to be pink) served with Organic Blue Cheese dressing, and Tandoori Nanns. I add some rice leftover.

I liked the carrots a lot. You do not think about eating carrots nowadays. And this is a mistake. When you cut them small thy cook very fast. Mine were perfectly cuts in small slices and cooked, with fresh thyme, salt and pepper.

It was a light but delicious meal: vegetables, fish, rice, sauce and bread. A very healthy meal.. que demande le peuple!

NB: Sorry about quality of my pictures taken late yesterday after the political debate.


Laurie said...

I love carrots made like this Celine! And the pink fish.. hehe.. our daughters would have a blast together.
A pink blastoff! hope your well and enjoying life!

Anonymous said...

I prepared carrots too yesterday evening. With fresh parsley and garlic. Served with tender veal and a brown Mushroom sauce and ... broccoli !
I use and try to eat à lots of vegs !