Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preserving food: My Pantry will look so lovely

I used to watch my mother doing all her jars of fruits and vegetables. Everything was from our own Organic Garden or from the nearest forest ( blackberries).
This year since my neighbor's Peach Tree is pouring over our fence, and we harverst all kind of tomatoes, onions, basil, green beans... I decided to try it!

So far I made Cherry Tomatoes preserved in olive oil with fresh Thyme, basil, garlic.
Tomatoe sauce with onions, basil and thyme. Chery tomatoes preserved. Peaches in syrop. Peaches jam. Strawberries jam and Red Currant-rasberries jam.
More to come! I got some Fresh Figs: Fresh fig tart or Figs jam? or nothing at all if I decide to eat them right from their boxes!

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Laurie said...

I would love to learn how to preserve fruits and vegetables. My grandparents did, and when we had olive tree's my mom and her father cured them, but I have never had the pleasure of doing any of this!
I'll be your student Celine!! :)