Sunday, May 25, 2008

One cold, rainny day in Southern California

This picture was taken 1 hour after the storm stopped.

Last Thursday was a terrible day in Southern California. We got in 20 minutes rain, storm, hail storm, Thunderstorm...the streets and roads were flooding with so much rain and water. Then suddently there was a huge hail storm right on our block where we live. Our cul-de-sac was all white. The good thing is that I just arrived in front of my home, coming back from the local Library when it happened. My kids could not believe it.
Our beautiful vegetable garden was devastated, so much work ... we do not know if our vegetable garden will survive.
It was pretty sad.
For dinner the only thing I could think of was SOUP, SOUP, SOUP....

For this soup I used all the vegetables I had in my fridge and pantry: corn, tomatoes, French Beans, carrots and peas. For the herbs I used Herbes de Provence and fresh Cilantro.
First I diced all the vegetables,I add 10 fresh Prawns I sauted them in olive oil. Then I add water, salt and pepper. I cooked for 20 minutes.
Then I took off the prawns. I peeled 4 of them and put them back in the vegetable broth. Then I reserved 6 others. In a blender I blended all begetables, prawns amd broth.
The green color ( merci les petits-pois) was amazing and so fresh.

It was an excellent soup, full with delicious flavors, rich, well balanced and healthy. Perfect for an early dinner on a chilly Californian day.

A bientot


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