Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love seafood. I love the texture, the original taste. In France, at Fish markets you find Sea Scallops in their shells,closed or oppened. You can ask the fish seller to open it up for you.Inside this shell called Coquille Saint Jacques, you can find two beautiful things: first the white scallop it should be plumped and shiny, then on the side is nested the beautiful orange coral, croissant shaped. You can eat it this is good.
My mother used to cook sea scallops with mushroom, shrimps, bechamel sauce and then she put it back in one shell, add some cheese and breadcumbs and bake it in the oven, as a seafood gratin. The presentation was always astonishing and people could not help saying Oh! and Ah when these delicatecies where presented in front of them.
Here in the States I never seen the sea scallops in their shells, most of the time you find them by the weight at your food market.
A friend of mine bought me those delicious fresh sea scallops, but since I did not have the shells and no time I decided to make something quick and tasty.
In a large pan I poured some olive oil. When the oil was hot I added the fresh scallops seasoned ( salt and pepper), then I glazed them with white Balsamic vinegar, and I added sliced almonds. The smell was delicious. At the very end I added some whipping heavy cream!
I licked all the plate, all the flavors combined so well together.

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