Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strawberries in Winter

They are back! Yes, yes Californian strawberries are everywhere. Last Saturday at Temecula Farmers Market my son could not stopping asking for some fresh strawberries.
I remember when I was little in France strawberries I had to wait mid-of June to eat strawberries and never, never my mother would have buy fruits or vegetables off season. But now as an adult living in Southern California I do not need to wait until June to make a wish* when devoring my first strawberry . They will be available from Januray to July...Yes I will bake delicious strawberries tarts topped with whipping cream/ chantilly, yes I will make delicious jams.
Yesterday night, my strawberries were still looking good, I washed them,I cut them in small pieces I sparkled some sugar, a pinch of Organic Whipping cream et Voila!
A delicious reddish dessert!
* A tradition in my family whenever you eat a fruit or vegetables for the first time in the new year you make a wish!

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