Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trader Joe's Style Cooking classes

I love Trader Joe's . I love it. I love it. Five years ago when we moved from NYC to San Diego we did not know anything about TJ's. Trader what? One of my co-worker told me about it. He was German so I guess it was one of his favorite spot in town for cheap and good German beers and food ( TJ's owner is German). The first time I went I was not thrilled about it. I went to the one in la Jolla. Then we moved to Pacific Beach and our apartment was only 1 block away from it. It became our " grocery store".
From the European style daily products, the delicious pre-baked bread, the French Brioche, the frozen foods, the Madrange French ham, the Pizza dough, the black or white truffle oil, the candies, and now their organic frest fruits and vegetable...I do not go shopping elsewhere now . OK now that our Kitchen/ vegetable garden is blooming I buy less at TJ's.
Each time I am going there I try or buy something new. And you know what in 6 years I never been disapointed, never. So when I started my Cooking Class in my kitchen I was using a lot fo TJ's items. During my classes, a lot of people were asking questions about TJ's Products. Even the TJ's cashier asked me once how I was using Brioche or cooking my artichokes.
It was obvious: I will organise a Trader Joe's style cooking class, including TJ's visit, then information about the best pantry items you need in case you have one suprised guests, and yummy easy recipes.
Now I receive more and more requests for this special Cooking Classe and I am glad about it. I am glad to see how people are looking for fresh ideas for healthy and easy meals.

Next Trader Joe's Style Cooking class is scheduled on July 28 and August 25.
And for 4 people or more coming for a Private class the date/ time can be anytime!

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