Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A squirrel in my Kitchen!

Yesterday I found a cute gray little squirrel in my Kitchen. I never leave my Kitchen door open but I guess yesterday I did. In the morning I left some delicious local strawberries on the kitchen counter because my son said that the ones from the fridge were too cold!
I guess the little squirrel loved the smell. But he tried to hide under my cabinets I could not catch him and I did not want to harm him neither. So I cut some small pieces of strawberries along the path to the kitchen door and I hide behind my Club chair. It worked! He followed and ate every single piece of the strawberry . He was all pink and cute! Then finally he decided to go outside and I closed the door behind him.
The day before I saw also a little bunny in front of the house. I guess our Kitchen garden is very popular amound the little animals.
With the rest of the strawberries I made a: Strawberries with meringue, mascarpone and honey. It was delicious and sweet but very light too. When I have time I will post the recipe.

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