Friday, February 20, 2009

OH! un poivrier in my Garden!

Between the houses searching, the packing, the moving and the unpacking plus my son knocked out his front teeth, I was not able to maintain my Blog!
So indeed last week we've moved to another house. While touring the nice, large and private backyard my friend Jocelyne told me we had some 3 " Poivriers" in the garden, these trees provide peppercorn! She also said that when it's blooming the scent is wonderful.
I thought it will be great to go outside my garden and take some fresh peppercorn from my garden what a treat!

A bientot!

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Dewi said...

Yes it is a beautiful tree, I have one in my rose garden. It's funny that I never pay attention to this tree.

p.s I've sent you an e-mail, re. your event "how do you like your egg"
Hope you like it.