Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Petit Dejeuner Compris - Le Jeu - Breakfast included / Game from Bretzel et Cafe Creme Blog

Petit Dejeuner Compris / The Game

Last September the charming Flo from
invited me and other Bloggers to participate to " Your favorite Breakfast", Petit Dejeuner Compris, Le jeu - Game.

Those who know me very well, know that I never, never have the same breakfast everyday. When I travel I love discovering new breakfast types and goodies.

One day I go for toasted baguette butter and coffee, another morning eggs, bacon, hash-potatoes and fresh squeezed orange juice, another one homemade brioche, another one Blueberries/strrawberries/orange and banana smoothies.... the list is long.

For this game I wanted to share a simple one, but delicious

Ricotta cheese with nuts, fresh fruits and dried fruits and Mapple Sirup. The recipe is in the title!

Depending what you have in your pantry and fridge you can be very adventurous and creative.

I love the soft texture of the fresh Ricotta Cheese, the sweetness of the Mapple Sirup and the crunchness of the grappes and nuts! Very yummy and healthy.


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Flo Bretzel said...

Comme toi, je ne prends jamais deux jours de suite le même petit déjeuner...et j'aime aussi la ricotta avec du miel. Merci pour ta participation!