Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Temecula Farmer's Market

Every Saturday morning 70-80 farmers and vendors gather in historic Old Town Temecula to offer a wide variety of farm fresh, organic fruits and vegetables plus bakeries ( the croissants and chocolate croissants are delicious), olives, olive oils, cheeses, tamales, hand made soaps and lotions.
The produce are grown locally, sold by the grower and they meet all state quality standards.The Farmer's Market is where "REAL" farmers sell only agricultural products they grow themselves.
Last Saturday, I went early in order to do my little weekly visit. This market is crowded but there is no real problem to park your car.
First I did a quick round all around to see all different vendors. Then I knew exactly what I wanted to buy that day.
I started with my plain croissant ($1 each) those are realyy good almost French taste. Then I stopped to buy Fresh eggs. I saw also Cactus Figs. The first time I had one of these it was during my trip to Morocco with my parents. I remember this taste so particular and unique, fresh and sweet. 1 piece was today ($1), the woman said that each fig was ready to eat... and Gods know how long you need to take off every little cactus splinter. But I got 2 small for $1. Then I bought fresh purple figs, 4 huge tomatoes, fresh prunes, yellow plums....and I got a huge bag of Grapefruits for only $ 3. I also had small but exquisite crispy very sweet apples, perfect for my kids' snacks. Then when you live in Temecula you are surrounded bu vineyards, I bought some grapes too.
Everything I bought was certified organic!
Do you want to know what we are going to eat this week end and next week:
- prunes tart with almond filling served with Vanilla ice cream
- plain yellow plums tart with Puff pastry
- Ricotta topped with pistachios served with Figs cooked in honey
- Roasted Stuffed tomatoes served with rice
- soft boiled eggs served with crispy brad and butter
- grapes preserve for this winter

I urge you to visit this great Farmer's Market, you find great little treasures. Some fruits, vegetables you do not see anywhere else. And this is good for your health.


Scott W said...

Hello Celine!
I love the Temecula Farmer's Market... I see that you eat mostly organic, do you know of any organic wineries in Temecula?

Carrie said...

Hi Celine,

The Temecula Farmers market is great. I have also heard about Pizza Fusion in the Trader Joes shopping center, they serve the best tasting pizza in the world and its organic too.

Anonymous said...

Scott W.

Pizza Fusion in Temecula has organic wine by the glass and bottle. All of their wine is vegan as well.

Bill said...

Bella Vista Winery is organic!